The Higher Council For Science And Technology (HCST)
Communication Details
Direct E-mail to the staff of the Secretariat.
No. Job title Employee Name Email’s
1 Secretary-General Dr.Khaled Elshurydeh

2 Assistant Secretary-General for Administrative and Financial Affairs Dr.Mohammed Moslem AlMajali

3 Assistant Secretary General for Scientific and Technological Affairs Dr.Fawwaz El-karmi

4 Director of Jordainan Scientists and Technologists Abroad (JoSTA) Eng Isam Mustafa

5 S.G. Office Manager Sahar Fakhoury

6 Acting Director of Policies and Scientific Projects Management Department Eng.Omar Amawi

7 Acting Director of International Cooperation Department Eng.Omar Amawi

8 Director of Financial Department Harith Al-Saidah

9 Acting Director of Administrative Department Basma AL Adwan

10 Director of Industrial Scientific Research and Development Fund Rima Ras

11 Fund Manager Madhar Al Majali

12 Communication and Media Unit Wesam M. Samara

13 Director of Internal Auditing Unit Basim Maiytah

14 Director of El Hassan bin Talal Award for Scientific Excellence Unit Sahar Fakhoury

15 Acting Director Information & Programming Unit Mohammad Al-Alami

16 Head of Policies Analysis Unit Dr. Mahmoud AL-Refai

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