The Higher Council For Science And Technology (HCST)
Secretary General Message

This site includes brief information about the Higher Council for Science and Technology (HCST), its Secretariat General and the Centers belonging to it. It aims at introducing these institutions, in terms of theirgoals and tasks. Here,I would like to emphasize the insistence of these institutions to continue performing their mission and achieve development in harmony with the national needs and coping with regional and international changes.


It is well known that science and technology are very essential factors when they are utilized correctly to raise the Jordanian national capabilities in all fields to achieve sustainable comprehensive development with integration of all sectors. This is clear from the main goal of establishing the HCST in 1987, which is “to build the scientific and technological base, as well as to nurture and develop it for the purpose of achieving the goals of economic, social and cultural development in the Kingdom”.


Scientific and technological activities generally include main elements, which are: research and development, scientific and technological services, and training. The HCST and its centers work on these three elements, seeking to strengthen their capacities and capabilities in order to better serve the developmental sectors in an appropriate manner.


The HCST grants financial support to research and development projects executed by different national institutions, through annual assignments to research and development in the HCST’s annual budget, and through the Industrial Research Development Fund (IRDF) and the National Fund of Establishments Support (NAFES). Regarding scientific and technological services, the HCST supports its Centers with the aims of enhancing their capacities in this field and strengthening them in order to be able to meet the needs of the different economic sectors.

 Training, on the other hand, means building the capabilities of those who work in research and development, through working on research projects supported by the HCST or contributing to the organization of scientific conferences and workshops.


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