The Higher Council For Science And Technology (HCST)
Public Relations and Information Unit
PR Responsibilities
  1. Organizing ,coordinating and managing events, conferences, symposia, workshops, meetings and conventions.
  2. Promoting the Higher Council for Science and Technology and the General Secretariat through print and broadcast journalism (radio or television special reports, newspapers and magazine articles), writing, editing and distributing news and press releases to targeted media.
  3. Following up the daily activities of the Secretary General.
  4. Preparing cables and congratulations for the Higher Council for Science and Technology.
  5. Arranging and preparing travel procedures.
  6. Contributing to the preparation of annual reports.
  7. Following up the preparation of statements for various occasions in coordination with the concerned department.
  8. Preparing and facilitating all necessary procedures for the General Secretariat’s guests and implementing the programs of their visits (reception, accommodation,escort,… and seeing off ).
  9. Providing the website with news and activities of the General Secretariat/ the Higher Council for Science and Technology and maintaining follow up and update.
  10. Preparing and supervising the production of booklets, brochures, handouts, leaflets and photographs.
   Public relations & Information

     Mr. Wisam Samara

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