The Higher Council For Science And Technology (HCST)
Visit of the Mission of the “European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

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The Secretary General of The Higher Council for Science and Technology(HCST), Dr. Khaled Elshuraydeh, met members of the Mission of the “European Bank for Reconstruction and Development “to discuss the possibility of tapping the Bank’s activities in support of development projects and promoting the role of the private sector in the development process.


In this context, Dr. Elshuraydeh pointed out the role of The National Centre for Research and Development(NCRD)/Energy Research Program/to maximize the use of renewable energy resources; oil shale and energy efficiency programs to meet the needs of the Kingdom, as well as the role of the National Fund for Enterprise Support (NAFES) in supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, improving their administrative and financial capabilities, and enhancing their efficiency and competitiveness, locally and globally.


The Secretary General, also highlighted, the National Plan for Research and Development, which was drafted by the National Center for Research and Development and its five affiliated programs: Energy Research Programme; Badia Research and Development Programme; Biotechnology Research Programme; Nanotechnology Research Programme; and Food and Water Research Program. This plan dealt with these research activities within national priorities, which contribute to the achievement of human security through maximizing water, energy and food resources, raising their efficiency, as well as maintaining the human health.



It is worth mentioning that this visit came after the Ministry of planning and International Cooperation applied for membership in the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


The head of mission, Mr. Jose Tanaka, mentioned the Bank’s decision to expand its activities to support the development projects to include the region.)Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, and Jordan)


The parties agreed to further communicate in order to benefit from the activities of the Bank and obtain the necessary support for development projects.

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