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Dr. Elshuraydeh meets Milan Chamber of Commerce/Promos representative

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The Secretary General of the Higher Council for Science and Technology (HCST) Dr. Khaled Elshuraydeh, met Dr. Tommaso Giordano, Area Manager, Milan Chamber of Commerce Promos, during his visit to Jordan to promote an international initiative,” the Euro- Mediterranean Development Center for Micro Small & Medium enterprises (EMDC)” to enhance economic and financial cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean Region.


SG. gave an over view about the roles of two funds affiliated to the Higher Council for Science and Technology, The Industrial Research and Development Fund; and the National Fund for Enterprise Support (NAFES) in supporting small and medium sized enterprises. Dr. Elshuraydeh also emphasized the vital role of the “Department of Business Incubators and Scientific Innovations (iPark)”, in supporting startups and entrepreneurs in ICT& Clean Technology.


In turn, Dr. Tommaso gave details about the initiative, which is supported by the Italian Government and the European Investment Bank to create a network of professional services to develop small and medium sized enterprises in the Mediterranean with a view to expand economic activity and financial cooperation. He clarified the objectives and the importance of exchanging knowledge, which in turn will boost business sector in the mediterranean area and creat employment opportunities.



Dr. Elshuraydeh assured The Higher Council’s interest in the proposed international public private initiative that will support the economic cooperation between Mediterranean SMEs., and its readiness to cooperate and benefit from the global experiences to accelerate economic and social development through supporting SMEs.

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