The Higher Council For Science And Technology (HCST)
Visit of the UNESCO Assistant Director General for Science to the Higher Council for Science and Technology

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uring her official visit to Amman, the UNESCO Assistant Director General for Natural Science, Ms. G. Kalonji was received by Dr. Khaled Elshuraydeh, the Secretary General of the Higher Council for Science and Technology (HCST).


Dr. Elshuraydeh mentioned that HCST recognizes science, technology and innovation as the drivers of national economic development and key contributors to water, energy and food security, the top R&D priorities of the Kingdom that were defined for the coming ten years. He pointed out the role of the HCST in ratifying Science and Technology and Innovation (STI) Policy, providing necessary funding for research and development (R&D) projects and directing R&D activities towards developmental priorities. Elshuraydeh added that HCST is also entrusted with the establishment of research centers whenever needed.


 About a year ago, and upon the request of the Government of the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, UNESCO and the Japanese Government have agreed to assist the Higher Council for Science and Technology in formulating the national Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policy & Strategy in Jordan for the years 2012-2016. According to Dr. Elshuraydeh, the STI policy and strategy has been recently drafted with the contribution of delegates from ministries and other governmental institutions alongside representatives from the private sector, universities and scientific research centers.


 Ms. Kalonji commended the progress in formulating the national STI policy and the strategic plan for Jordan and the results achieved so far, and assured UNESCO’s commitment to assisting Jordan in strengthening its scientific and technological base to boost its socioe-conomic development.

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