The Higher Council For Science And Technology (HCST)
Exchange of knowledge Among Senior Staff

Within the activities of the General Secretariat to promote the exchange of knowledge among senior staff a series of lectures are scheduled on a regular basis (once every two weeks) for exchanging information under general topics which is useful for everyone. Source of information of lectures includes staff participation in seminars, conferences, or subject of papers presented at conferences , or bulletins in a scientific journal or a report on a project or summary of the study and even other topics.

The following table shows the program of lectures set for a period of six months for the year 2014.


Lecturer      Date       Lecture Title
Dr. Fawwaz El-Karmi  14/1/2014  European Strategy 2020 – (Lecture No. 2)
Mohammad Dairy  21/1/2014   

 A study to assess the impact of support   provided by the National Fund for small and medium Enterprises

AlMajali             11/2/2014 National database for universities and scientific centers(Lecture No. 2)
Mohammad AlAlami  25/2/2014 Statistical analysis using Excel
Eng. Iklas AlFaraja 18/3/2014 Anti-virus software for computer
Eng. Omar Amawi   4/3/2014    SRTD II Overview Objectives & Activities
Eng. Rasha Smadi   1/4/2014    EU-Jordan Net Opportunities
Hisham Badder 15/4/2014 How to prepare the budgets for projects
Rima Rass         29/4/2014  Mechanisms for project funding fromIndustrial Research and Development Fund
Saleh Alawan          6/5/2014  Development of staff performance
Nisreen Abu Anza   20/5/2014  How to prepare for the preparation of final  accounts Centers belongs to  Higher Council
Dr. Odeh Al Mashan  7/1/2014 Badia (Arid lands Academy) Proposal
Eng. Salah AlAzam   4/2/2014  NCRD as Center for Excellence for EU-  Jordan Science & Tech. Cooperation.
Eng. Mohammad    
ElFakih      18/2/2014 Organic Farming
Eng. Nawras AlJazi 3/6/2014  Feeding Knowledge Program



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