The Higher Council For Science And Technology (HCST)

Jordan Science, Technology and Innovation Observatory(JoSTIO)

The Jordanian STI observatory was established for the purpose of institutionalizing activities such as regular diagnoses forecasting analyses, studies and the production of indicators which may have greater importance as basic instruments for the administration of science, technology and innovation. Among the major achievements of the JoSTIO are the following:


 The National Database for Researchers at Universities and Scientific Centers

The National Database for Researchers at Universities and Scientific Centers is designed to meet the developmental needs of Jordan's economy by providing a knowledge base for developing policies and strategies of science, technology and innovation and identifying national priorities for scientific and technological research in addition to developing and reaching out the scientific and technological indicators that can be compared with those in other countries around the world. This objective is achieved through defining qualifications and scientific disciplines of researchers, and as well as their academic and research ranks, their work experience in scientific research and development inside and outside Jordan, their current scientific projects and area of research and the problems they face in implementing research projects, besides any other information that contributes to building a national database.


:The General objectives of the project

  •   Providing a knowledge base for developing policies and strategies of science, technology and innovation. 
  •  Developing of scientific technological and innovative potentials (supply) to meet the developmental needs (demand).
  •  Identifying national priorities for research and development.
  •  Reaching out specific indicators that can be compared with those in  other countries.
  •  Developingt of a research national number for faculty at universities and scientific centers.


The National Database Objective

The National Database objective is to identify:

  • Qualifications and scientific disciplines.
  • Academic and research ranks.
  • The time allotted to work on scientific research and development, teaching and administrative tasks.
  • Number of working years in scientific research and development inside and outside Jordan.
  • Detailed areas of research interests.
  • Scientific publication of research papers and books and technical reports.
  • Registered patents.
  • Fields and objectives of scientific projects, in addition to their financial allocations and funders.
  • The problems facing researchers in scientific research and development projects.



Jordanian Scientists and Technologists Abroad ( JoSTA) Network

 Jordanian Scientists and Technologists Abroad ( JoSTA) Network seeks to reverse the brain drain of Jordanian scientists and technologists, by connecting them with their counterparts in Jordan and by encouraging them to work for Jordan, virtually or physically, through the implementation of joint research and development activities and joint business ventures.

By bringing togertherscientists and technologists from different organizations and institutions and from different countries and providing them with a platform, JoSTA  will  help in contributing to building a scientific and technological base to serve the socio-economic development in the Kingdom.

A management unit was established at HCST which has established JoSTA database. So far, more than 80 Jordan scientists and technologists working abroad in different countries have    registered in the database.

 Moreover, JoSTA fund was recently established which will provide seed funding to contribute to the implementation of JoSTA activities.



Syrian Scientists Database in Jordan

The Higher Council is currently trying to create a database of Syrian scientists in Jordan to try to benefit from their expertise in the fields of education,  scientific research and training in Jordanian institutions.


The initiative was announced on the Higher Council’s website to collect data about interested Syrian scientists residing in Jordan and then a detailed action plan will be prepared by a specialized team that represents local authorities to achieve the objectives of the initiative.



Scientific Research Priorities in Jordan for the Coming Ten Years (2011-2020):

In fulfillment of the Monarch’s vision to reinforce the role of scientific research and development in the economic and social development process in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, as relates to the axis of scientific research, the project for defining scientific research priorities in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for the years (2011-2020) emerged to draw the path for national institutions and researchers at Jordanian universities and research and development centers to contribute to achieving comprehensive and sustainable national development with a view to being abreast of scientific and technological developments.



The detailed objectives of the project are as follows:

  • Defining the themes of the priorities of scientific research in the various fields of science, technology and innovation for the years (2011-2020).
  • Defining the research problems that are of utmost priority and those  of a lesser priority within the context of the main topics.
  • Directing the researchers towards the paths of scientific research through defining the research problems that are of utmost priority within the main topics and themes.



The project addressed all the research sectors, where fourteen sectoral committees were formed for this purpose, each of which included a group of experts and researchers specialized in most of the fields and who represent the various national institutions in terms of public and private universities, scientific centers, ministries and governmental institutions, private sector institutions and civil society organizations, totaling 136 experts and researchers including the higher steering committee and the project's technical committee.



The Higher Council for Science and Technology aspires for this important national project to be a first step on the path of formulating  an integrated national vision for the role of scientific research in developing and advancing comprehensive economic development. It is hoped that this vision would become a shared outlook for all those concerned from among the members of the scientific and technological community and its institutions, as well as the beneficiaries from the economic and social sectors and decision makers, with a view to strongly push forward the research and development priorities defined in this project.


It is hoped that the results of this project have defined the precise framework of the national policy in terms of directing national efforts and initiatives towards supporting, funding and fostering research and development projects, along with devoting the necessary resources, in a manner achieving economic and social development in Jordan.


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