The Higher Council For Science And Technology (HCST)

Ratifying the general policy of science and technology in the Kingdom, defining research priorities and drawing up related programs and plans for their implementation and follow up.


Drawing up the strategies suitable for the development of scientific and technological potential in Jordan and providing the suitable scientific environment for its development.


Fostering the institutions and units of scientific and technological research and providing the necessary funding for the support of scientific and technological research ,services and activities.


Contributing to the supply and training of manpower and technical potential for scientific research institutions.


Specifying conditions and requirements for the accreditation of scientific centers of excellence and assisting in their development.


Ratifying the principles and basis on which the Council provides financial aid to scientific and technological research programs, services and activities so as to realize the aims of national policy in these fields.


Representing Jordan in the regional and international forums and bodies concerned with science and technology.


Undertaking scientific and technological cooperation and concluding agreements related to scientific and technological research.

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